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We protect our customers' personal information with the highest level of security available on the Internet so you can shop our online store with complete confidence!


Your data is protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption! SSL technology is the highest level of security currently available, providing server authentication, data integrity, and privacy on the web. SSL not only encrypts all information transmitted, but also verifies the identity of the server and the safe arrival of the original message.



Your transactions are secure! When you are checking out, you can verify that the pages on which you are entering personal information are secure by looking for the yellow lock icon at the lower right of your screen. In addition, the URL in your browser will change from HTTP to HTTPS (the "S" is for 'secure'). You will remain in a secure browser until your transaction is complete.



Your payment information is protected with asymmetric encryption, which uses a different key to encrypt than is used to decrypt. This means that the encryption key stored on the server cannot be used to decrypt orders, and we must upload our decryption key to view your information. The uploaded decryption key is only stored on the server while we are logged in. In addition, the encryption and decryption keys are changed on a regular basis.



All access to our order system is logged. An intrusion detection system is used to help detect if order information may have been accessed by an unauthorized user.



Although you can register with our website so you can save the contents of your shopping cart and receive special offers and information about updates to our site, you do not have to register to place your order, and your payment information is never stored.

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